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Unlimited data

Internet type

24 month




Client type

Service type

Is bundle?

Is 5G?

Works in the EU?

Free data in EU?
0 GB

Price per year
114.00 Eur


Broadband "Splius - EO Šviesolaidinis 100 Mb/s"

Splius - „EO Šviesolaidinis 100 Mb/s” Broadband for personal customers for 9.50 Eur. Plan includes Unlimited data to use in Lithuania.

You will need to sign a fixed-term contract. Minimum contract term is 24 month. Fiber optic internet is a fast, reliable and unlimited internet connection for your home or business. Fiber-optic Internet speeds can reach up to 1 Gb/s and you will be able browse comfortably at home by connecting as many devices at once as you need. Whether you're browsing, uploading large video files, playing computer games, or using video chat apps, you can do it without interruption using fibre-optic internet.

Fiber Optic (Optical) Economic Plans and High Speed Modem Economic Plans provide users with the unlimited data. Additional: Data is not calculated for all Internet plans; Optical plan transmission speed up to 50 Mbps .; Speed of sending cable plans with a high-speed modem up to 7 Mbps .; Wireless plan transmission speed up to 2 Mbps .; Internet service with high-speed modem is provided only in conjunction with cable television service .; Internet plan rates include VAT. The Internet service plan can be changed only from the first day of the month.

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