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Service providers

We compare phone and internet deals from the leading and the largest service provides to the smallest and regional ones. These are the services providers that provide your mobile and fixed line services or use one of the fastest mobile and fiber-optic Internet sites at home, in the office, or on the go. Lithuanian mobile and fixed line operators offer various services for both private and business customers. will help you to choose the best offer from the largest list of service providers and their services quickly, conveniently and without worries. View all service providers.

Grouped plans

We have grouped various plans in one place to save your time and to make it easier to find what you're looking for. Plans are grouped by price, network, contract length etc.

Phone plans

There's a phone plan for everyone. A plan that fits your lifestyle will help you discover good things around the world - unlimited conversations and texts, entertainment, small bills and most importantly piece of mind. We will help you to explore and compare phone plans faster and more conveniently.

Internet plans

Fast and reliable internet is one of the most important things in our daily lives. Most of us can’t imagine a day when can't surf the internet, use social networks, watch shows, listen to music or shop online. We will help you find the best service plan you are looking for faster and more conveniently from the largest list of service providers and the services they provide.

Phone and internet plan comparison

On the "" portal you will find detailed information about various phone and internet plans offers for both private and business clients in one place. Our comparison service allows you to find an ideal plan to suit your needs. You can search our offers by:

  • service provider
  • service price
  • free minutes and messages
  • mobile data
  • contract term

Our goal is to help you find the service you want quickly, conveniently, and easily.