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100 MB

10 min.

10 SMS

1 d.




Client type

Service type
Mobile Phone

Is bundle?

Is 5G?

Works in the EU?

Free data in EU?
100 MB

Price per year
536.40 Eur


Mobile Phone "Pildyk - Bendravimas EU (1 d.)"

Pildyk - „Bendravimas EU (1 d.)” Mobile phone for personal customers for 1.49 Eur. Plan includes 10 min. and 10 SMS to all Lithuanian mobile networks and 100 MB to use in Lithuania.

„Bendravimas EU (1 d.)” is valid for 1 d. days and will renew automatically upon expiration. You don't need to sign a fixed-term contract.

Services are also available when roaming in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). Minutes and SMS are calculated from the payment plan and are not charged extra. Incoming calls are not subject to additional charges.Please note, that once allocated minutes, messages or GB are used each additional service will be charged extra according to the prices specified in the contract.

„Bendravimas EU (1 d.)” uses 4G/4G+ . You need to have a 4G compatible phone and use it within the coverage area. Contact your service provider for more information.

The communication plan in EU countries is valid for 24 hours and does not automatically renew. Using the data faster, the plan can be re-ordered. The plan is valid for calls to EU / EEA countries, including Lithuania. The minutes of an incoming call for this plan will also count from the number of minutes allocated. When calling to other countries, 2 Eur / min is valid for calls. tariff. If the plan has not expired after returning to Lithuania, it will also be valid in Lithuania by calling / writing to Lithuanian numbers.

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